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Year 2000
"Y2k...isn't that the name of that annoying song by the Village People?" - from a David Letterman Top 10 List

From the desk of Jay Kenney - Manager, Information Systems - San Diego Plastics, Inc.

San Diego Plastics, Inc. has completed the upgrades necessary and has tested the implementation of all internal systems to handle Year 2000 compliance.

All calendar year representations used within our software which, when operated (including, but not limited to, arithmetic, comparison and sorting operations) before, during and after the actual calendar year 2000 A.D. will not produce subsequent operations and/or generate output which yield results in variance with the normal course of operations or error conditions which are the direct result of the use of a calendar year representation.

Our computers and software process calendar dates (including, but not limited to, arithmetic, comparison and sorting) using a Four Digit Year Format. They correctly process calendar dates for Leap Year. Data which is processed is compatible between Software Products which are not Year 2000 Compliant. In addition, our systems will continue to be in compliance and will continue to perform their functionalities before, during and after the year 2000.

Our computers and software do the following:

General Integrity
- Accurately process date/time calculations (including, but not limited to, calculating, comparing, and sequencing) from, into and between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, between the years 1999 and 2000, and during a Leap Year.

Date Integrity
- All manipulations of time-related data (dates, duration, days of week, etc.) will produce desired results for all valid date values within the application domain.

Explicit Century
- Date elements in interfaces and data storage permit specifying century to eliminate date ambiguity.

Implicit Century
- For any date element represented without century, the correct century is unambiguous for all manipulations involving that element.

- Our software and hardware, when used in combination with other year 2000 compliant products, will accurately process date/time provided that such other products properly exchange date/time data with it.

How we did it
- Customized test data sets were created to do unit tests on individual code. The converted code then was integrated with the rest of the system and validated for accuracy. Next the code was deployed into a simulated year 2000 environment to verify whether it would survive. Finally, a database was created and fully tested. Actually, testing took considerably longer to accomplish than the code changes took.

The only date integrity change needed in the future is in the year 2099 when the software announces an impending century rollover and prompts the user for a one-time confirmation of the century rollover. I have tested this, although I seriously doubt that I'll be around to watch it actually happen. :-)

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