Today, plastics affect everybody's life to such an extent that it would be difficult to imagine our modern world without them. At home, at work, or at play one comes in contact with modern plastics materials hundreds of times every day. Office equipment, housewares, audio & video equipment, toys and automobiles are just a few examples of things we use daily that contain a high percentage of plastics.

Perhaps not as familiar to most people are the many uses of modern industrial plastics and also the uses of some common plastics in industrial applications. It is the welding of these plastics under these conditions which we will consider in this book. We intend to familiarize beginners with the basics of plastic welding and maybe introduce some to the ever growing group of people welding plastics with the latest methods, equipment and special techniques of plastic welding being used today.

J. Pierre Pottier
Laramy Products Co., Inc.

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