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Plastic Fish
This tank was shipped August 1,1997.

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The purpose of this page is to document the construction of a custom aquarium tank for a gentleman named Terrence who lives in Hong Kong.
San Diego Plastics will be adding pictures as the work progresses. This will allow Terrence to see his tank as it is being built.
It will also allow other people to see the craftsmanship and pride that our aquarium tank fabricator Joel Johnson puts into each custom tank he fabricates.

Terrence's tank drawing
04/16/97 - All good tanks start with a good tank illustration.

04/17/97 Awaiting paper tracing of exact shape.
04/30/97 Received paper tracing of exact shape.

Terrence's tank illustration
06/06/97 - An illustration by Terrence of his completed tank on the cabinet.

Terrence's tank form
06/05/97 - The wooden form used to shape the front of the tank in the oven.

Terrence's tank front
06/05/97 - 7 foot curved front of the tank after shaping.

Terrence's Tank
06/20/97 - Alignment of front to sides.

Terrence's Tank
06/20/97 - Closeup clamped joint.

Terrence's Tank
06/20/97 - Clamped front to sides.

Terrence's Tank
06/20/97 - Clamped to conform to shape.

Terrence's Tank
06/20/97 - Detail of clamp.

Terrence's Tank
06/20/97 - Detail of clamp.

Terrence's Tank
07/28/97 - Full view.

Terrence's Tank
07/28/97 - Close up of edge.

Terrence's Tank
07/28/97 - Detail edge.

Terrence's Tank
07/28/97 - Corner joint.

Terrence's Tank
07/28/97 - Filling with water for test.

Terrence's Tank
08/01/97 - Lifting the crated tank.

Terrence's Tank
08/01/97 - Loading Terrence's tank on the truck.


This tank was approximately 220 gallons. The price was about $5500.00. ($800 of that was shipping and crating to Hong Kong.)



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