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SAFRAILTM fiberglass handrails are industrial/commercial railing systems for stair rails, platform/walkway handrails and guardrails. SAFRAILTM systems are fabricated from pultruded fiberglass components produced by Strongwell and molded thermoplastic connectors. SAFRAILTM systems are particularly well-suited to corrosive environments like those found in industrial, chemical and wastewater treatment plants as well as commercial structures with urban and salt air corrosion.

Fiberglass Handrail System Advantages

SAFRAILTM is the result of more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture, design and fabrication of fiberglass handrail systems. SAFRAILTM systems offer these advantages:

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Ease of Assembly
SAFRAILTM is produced in lightweight standard sections that include both post and rail. Systems can be prefabricated in large sections and shipped to the site or fabricated and installed on-site with simple carpenter tools.


Internal Connection System
All connections fit flush, resulting in a pleasing, streamlined appearance. The internal connections allow the construction of continuous handrail systems without special fittings.


Safety Features
SAFRAILTM comes in a "safety yellow color" with electrical low conductivity for worker safety and exhibits high strength. The systems meet federal OSHA standards with a safety factor of 2.


Low Maintenance
Molded-in color plus an optional tough polyurethane coating will outlast aluminum or steel systems and requires virtually no maintenance.


Cost Effective
Fiberglass components and an easy-to-assemble design provide savings on labor and maintenance, resulting in long-term savings and eliminating the cost and inconvenience of "downtime for repairs" in plant operations.

Round Handrail System


The round fiberglass handrail system is ideal for any high traffic area where handrail is needed. The round rails are easy to grip and 90º molded corners eliminate sharp edges. The handrail system meets OSHA strength requirements with a 2:1 factor of safety with a 5-foot maximum post spacing. Internally bonded fiberglass connectors result in no visible rivets or metal parts. The handrail system includes a UV inhibitor for additional resistance to ultraviolet degradation and corrosion.

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Custom Handrail Systems

SAFRAILTM is designed to fit a wide variety of applications and, because they are standard systems, to be cost effective. However, custom handrail systems are available from Strongwell to suit special needs. Following are some examples of custom handrail from Strongwell.

Two-Color Handrail
A two-color handrail system with a half-round top rail has been used in Fairfield Inn hotels in seven midwestern states. (See photo right.) Fiberglass handrails reduce maintenance and provide long-lasting good looks for hotels, motels and other commercial applications. Meets Uniform Building Code, OSHA and BOCA requirements.

Heavy Duty Handrail
A heavy duty handrail system that uses 2" x 1/4" EXTREN® square tube built to ASTM F-1092-98 specifications is also available for applications requiring added stiffness for less deflection under normal loading.

Vertical Handrail
Strongwell designed a vertical rail system for the Indianapolis Wastewater Treatment plant that used less material and therefore, was more cost effective than conventional horizontal aluminum or fiberglass handrail systems. The custom handrail was built to meet requirements that spacing between rails be less than 6".

Architectural Handrail
Attractive, custom designed railing can endure the effects of the elements and intense public use. It can be used for hotel balconies, swimming pool enclosures, amusement park railings, beach houses and other applications.

UV Coating
An industrial grade polyurethane coating may be applied to the finished handrail and/or ladder and cage for additional protection in outdoor applications. Standard SAFRAILTM handrail systems are unpainted; the polyurethane UV coating must be requested when ordered.

Resin Systems
Polyester is standard for the SAFRAILTM handrail system but other resin systems are available upon request.

SAFRAILTM handrail and ladder systems are produced in a standard safety yellow color. Other colors are available upon request.

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Ladders & Cages
SAFRAILTM fiberglass ladders and ladder cages mounted on the sides of tanks are a common sight in a wide range of industries all across the country. These systems have been in continuous use for more than 20 years in chemical plants and other corrosive environments. Even in immersion applications, fiberglass has outlasted aluminum and steel and required little or no maintenance.

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