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Resolite offers a complete line of fasteners, sealants and accessories for use in conjunction with Resolite FRP panels. These items may be ordered with FRP panels or independently. Many items are in stock for quick delivery. Contact Resolite Customer Service for availability.
SB-2 Side Lap Fastener
The SB-2 is a grommet type fastener used to fasten the side laps between two Resolite panels. They are also used to attach a flashing member to a Resolite panel in an area when there is no structural backing. The SB-2 has a stainless steel hex head machine screw with a neoprene sleeve, 3/8" diameter by 1-1/4" long. As the head is tightened, the grommet expands and provides an effective seal, as well as flexibility, for normal expansion and contraction.
Stainless Steel Self-Tapping Screws
Type 'B' point is used to fasten Resolite panels to steel girts and purlins. These stainless steel fasteners come in various lengths and are 1/4" diameter. The standard fasteners come with a pre-assembled stainless steel backed neoprene washer in 3/4" (.729") diameter. A 5/8" diameter washer is available when required for certain profiles. A 1-1/8" diameter washer, designed for high wind and impact loads is also available. The fasteners are available in 300 series stainless steel. For extreme or unusual corrosion conditions, contact Resolite for special fastener availability.
Type 'B'
14 threads per inch
Type 'A' point is similar to a 'B' point fastener except it is used to fasten Resolite panels to wood framing. The 'A' point can also be used to attach Resolite panels to pultruded FRP structural shapes.
Type 'A'
10 threads per inch
Closure Strips
To give a better appearance and weather tightness, configurated E.P.D.M. composition closure strips are recommended for sealing openings created at such areas as ridges, eaves, door openings, etc. They are available in both horizontal and vertical types for most Resolite profiles.




Butyl Tape
Butyl tape is used to seal the side and end laps on opaque Resolite panels. It has an aggressive tack which assures positive positioning and maximum surface contact. It easily conforms to irregular joint areas and provides a tough durable corrosion resistant seal against ingress of water and dirt. Butyl tape is available in 30 ft. rolls 1/8" thick by 3/8" wide.
Clear Silicone Sealant
This clear sealant is used to seal the side and end laps on translucent Resolite panels. It is permanently pliable with good application characteristics. It is available in a 10 oz. spouted cartridge and coverage is approximately 25 lineal feet per cartridge using a 1/4" bead.

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