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POLYGAL The Pioneers in Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets

The Pioneers in Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheets

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Polygal Polycarbonate Structured Sheet

The Original Polycarbonate Structured Sheet

Polygal PCSSPolygal Solar Grade Polycarbonate Structured Sheet (PCSS) is a tough, light weight, insulating glazing sheet extruded from high performance polycarbonate. It's many advantages make Polygal PCSS an attractive, budget-minded alternative for a wide variety of exterior glazing applications, including skylights and roof windows, atria, sports halls, industrial plants, pool enclosures, greenhouses,
solar collectors, canopies, window
renovations and many more.

Virtually Unbreakable. Superior toughness offers greater protection against vandalism and hail damage, as well as breakage during shipping and installation. Impact strength tested at 200 times that of glass, eight times that of acrylic.

Energy Efficient. U-values comparable to insulating glass mean fuel savings of up to 50%.

Ultra Light Weight. The hollow-core structure uses 80% less material than an equal thickness of solid glazing, weighs 1/6 as much as glass, 1/3 as much as acrylic. Results in lighter structures and reduced labor and handling costs.

Flame Retardant. Melts without igniting. Will not support combustion or spread flames. CC-1 Fire Rating per ASTM D635.

Guaranteed Weather Resistant. Patented co-extruded UV-stabilized exterior layer provides high resistance to yellowing, backed by a 10-year non-prorated warranty against discoloration and breakage.* Maintains mechanical properties from -40 F to +248 F.

Flexible. Cold forms into arches on site, with radii as short as 3' 5" (1/4" thickness) to 14' 9" (1 " thickness).Bends to a radius of 175 times the thickness.

Works Like Wood. Installs flat or flexed. User-friendly panels can be cut, sawed, drilled, nailed or screwed into place without splitting or cracking.

Low Cost. Polygal's low material cost and ease of installation combine to deliver overall installed costs which are typically a fraction of those of comparable glass structures.

Wide Variety. Polygal offers the widest variety of construction configurations, styles, colors and sizes of PCSS in the industry. The Polygal proprietary line of polycarbonate profile systems and accessories are available at 1/3 the cost of aluminum profile systems.

* Warranty details available on request

LEED Sustainability Information

LEED sustainabilityBy using Polygal polycarbonate products and systems on your next project, Polygal will help you reach your LEED scores in the following areas:

  1. Materials & Resources - All Polygal polycarbonate products are 100% recyclable.
  2. Sustainable Sites - Choose from one of our products that can block up to 100% of the UV light transmission.
  3. Energy & Atmosphere - Polygal polycarbonate sheets diffuse transmitted light and provide thermal insulation.
  4. Indoor Environmental Quality - With special glazings and coatings, Polygal can increase your LEED ratings to suit specific project requirements.

  • Polygal is "GREEN" ISO 14001 certified.
  • All of Polygal's products are 100% recyclable and can be reground and remanufactured into countless types of consumer products.
  • Polygal sheets are produced from 100% recyclable polycarbonate resin.


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