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PolyOne PolycastPolycast Acrylic Sheet  

Super Abrasion Resistant Sheet

Spartech Polycast SAR super abrasion resistant acrylic sheet is produced by applying a very hard, highly crosslinked polysilicate (a silicon polymer or polysiloxane) coating to an acrylic substrate. This coating provides Polycast SAR sheet with a surface that has 45 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated acrylic, making it an attractive material for applications requiring the safety, optical and aesthetic qualities of acrylic along with a highly abrasion-resistant surface.

Light weight and fabrication flexibility cut installation costs.
At half the weight of glass, Polycast SAR makes handling easier and safer, and installation less costly and time consuming. It can be cut and fabricated at the installation site using power tools. In fact, Polycast SAR is ideal for replacement installations; because it is readily fitted into existing frames.

Standard Sizes & Thickness
Sheet Sizes: 48" x 72" to 72" x 120"
Thickness: 0.060" to 2.000"
Special thickness and sizes quoted upon request, including cut-to-size parts.

Colors, Formulations & Finishes
POLYCAST SAR is available in a wide variety of transparent, translucent and opaque colors including industry standards such as black, gray and bronze. Ultra-violet Transmitting, Ultra-violet Filtering formulations (including Polycast UF96, UF3 and UF4) and Coated one-side sheets are also available.

Spartech Polycast® SAR™ is tough, lightweight, weatherable, cleanable and offers excellent thermal insulation. It has an impact resistance that is five times that of glass and half the weight.

Optical clarity outshines other materials.
Polycast SAR in 1.250" thickness transmits 93% white light, compared to 66% for an all polycarbonate sheet and 55% for bullet-resistant glass. Also, its edges are clear, avoiding the massive appearance of thick glass with its greenish tinted edge. That adds up to the sparkling clear, open look that is more appealing to customers.

Tough coating endures years of cleaning without hazing.


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Super Abrasion Resistant Sheet is used extensively in the architectural glazing market due to its excellent thermal insulation and weather resistance.

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Architectural Safety Glazing
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Service Stations
  • Libraries
  • Restaurants
  • Doors (storm, revolving entrance)
  • Bus Shelters
  • Press Box Glazing
  • Hockey Spectator Guards
  • Skylights (flat)
  • Zoo enclosures
  • Sound Barriers
  • Transit Bus Windows
  • Automotive Sun Roofs
  • School Windows
  • Marine Portholes, Windshields
  • Limousine Windows
  • Aircraft Windows
Equipment Faces and Covers for Business Equipment
  • Computer Panels
  • Tape Drive Windows
  • Disc Drive Covers
  • Printer Covers
  • Terminal Screen Faces
  • Jig for Printed Circuit Manufacture
  • Laser Scanners


Appliance Windows & Panels, Timer Faces and Covers
  • Gas Pump Glazing
  • Electronic Game Faces
  • Baby Incubators
  • Vending Machine Glazing
  • Blood Analyzer Panels
  • Dashboards Panels Solar Cell Covers
  • Solar Cells Covers
  • Food Sneeze Guards
  • TV Face Screens
  • Menu Boards
Display Store Fixtures
  • Merchandise Covers & Cases
  • Directory Panels
  • Memo Boards
  • Scanner Panels
  • Picture Framing
Museum Cases & Exhibits
  • Solarium Glazing
  • Security Glazing
Maintenance (OSHA)
  • Guides
  • Forklift Shields
  • Conveyor Shields
  • Viewing Ports
  • Machine Guards
  • Equipment Enclosures



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