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Aerospace Products

Polycast is known, the world over, as a leading producer of cast acrylic sheet for aircraft cabin windows, fighter canopies, windscreens, wing-tip lenses, outer laminates and instrument panels for general aviation and military aircraft. Our range of sizes, thicknesses, colors and research facilities are dedicated to meeting the present and future needs of the demanding aerospace industry. Polycast is also recognized as the manufacturer most responsive to the specific needs of its customer.

Having been manufacturing cast acrylic sheet for over 30 years,  Polycast is presently the principal supplier meeting U.S. Military Material Specifications MIL-P-5425, MIL-P-8184, and MIL-P-25690 to the United States aerospace industry. In fact, MIL-P-8184 has been revised to recognize the improved performance of an enhanced crazed-resistant material that  Polycast developed.

Other accomplishments include:

  • The production of a horizontally shrunk sheet with residual shrinkage of less than .25% that allows for forming before fabrication, a characteristic ideal for the construction of edgelit panel and radar screen applications.

  • The development of a sheet with different thicknesses in the center and edges, an innovation that enabled an aircraft manufacturer to design a canopy with strong frontal impact capabilities yet thin enough for a pilot to eject through it.

  • The formulation of colors for meeting specific percentages of light transmission at final stretched thickness.
Everyone at  Polycast is dedicated to the development of improved acrylic products to meet the fast-changing demands of commercial and military aircraft manufacturers. Polycast standards consistently surpass the quality levels required by the Mil Spec and our strong technical support team is widely recognized as a leader in the aerospace industry.


Aerospace Grade Products

Below is an overview of our aerospace grade acrylic sheet. For technical data, please download our brochure on our aerospace products.

POLY A (ASTM D-4802) is our standard unshrunk acrylic manufactured to a visual and optical aircraft specification. It is available in clear as well as transparent colors. Common applications are non-critical glazing for commercial helicopters and sport planes.

POLY FR9 is an interior acrylic material ideal for aircraft applications where low flame spread and low smoke generation are desirable. Download Poly FR9 Brochure

POLY 900 is a semi-cross-linked material formulated to meet British specifications DTD-5592.

POLY II (MIL-P-5425) military specification covering heat-resistant, preshrunk, clear, and colored acrylic sheet. Material supplied for conformance for this specification is identified by the name POLY II®. Polycast is qualified to furnish sheets in thickness 0.060-1.000 to meet this specification.

POLY 76 (MIL-P-8184) is a crosslinked, preshrunk acrylic with excellent resistance to crazing, solvent attacks and thermal dimensional change. As one of few U.S. Military approved materials for stretched panels (MIL-P-25690), sophisticated applications for both military and commercial aircraft are numerous. Availability in transparent colors enhances the versatility of this product. It meets or exceeds all requirements of MIL-P-8184, Type I and II, Class 1 and 2.

POLY 84 (MIL-P-8184) is a uniquely formulated, crosslinked preshrunk acrylic specifically designed to provide superior craze and solvent resistance for today's changing environment. Improvements such as lower water absorption and increased resistance to acids expands the number of "as cast" applications. Poly 84 also meets or exceeds MIL-P-8184, Type I and II, Class 1 and 2. Its superior craze resistance makes it ideal for monolithic windscreens, outer laminates and canopies. It is also available in transparent colors. It meets or exceeds all requirements of MIL-P-8184.Type I and II, Class 1 and 2.

POLY 2000 (MIL-P-25690) military specification covering stretched acrylic sheet specially designed from Mil-P-8184 base material. It offers enhanced craze properties and increased crack resistance. Material supplied for conformance to this specification is identified as Poly 2000. Download Poly 2000 Brochure


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 Polycast is a leading supplier of acrylic sheet meeting stringent U.S. Military specifications.


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