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(modified polyphenylene oxide)
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Norylux modified PPO is a strong engineering plastic with outstanding mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Low moisture absorption and low thermal expansion make Norylux one of the most dimensionally stable thermoplastics available. Norylux is widely used for electrical housings and structural components since it has excellent insulating properties, flame resistance, and dimensional stability over a wide range of service temperatures. Norylux is often selected for fluid handling applications since it has low moisture absorption and excellent strength and stiffness. Norylux is easy to fabricate, paint, and glue.

The following physical property information is based on typical values of the base modified polyphenylene oxide resin.

Mechanical Properties
  Units ASTM Test EN-265 30% GF
Flexural Modulus psi D790 370,000 830,000
Flexural Stregnth @yield psi D790 14,400 22,000
Hardness-Rockwell - D785 R119 L106
Izod Impact Strength Notched @-40°F ft•lbs/in D256 2.5 1.8
Izod Impact Strength Notched @73°F ft•lbs/in D256 3.5 2.0
Tensile Elongation @break % D638 25.0 5.0
Tensile Strength @yield psi D638 9,200 15,500

Thermal Properties
  Units ASTM Test EN-265 30% GF
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in/in/°F D696 3.3.x10-5 1.4x10-5
Flam. Rating-UL94 @ .058" - - V-1 V-1
Flam. Rating-UL94 @ .236" - - V-0 V-0
Heat Deflection Temp. @ 66 psi °F D648 - 280
Heat Deflection Temp. @ 264 psi °F D648 254 270

Electrical Properties
  Units ASTM Test EN-265 30% GF
Dielectric Constant @ 60Hz - D150 2.69 2.15
Dielectric Strength V/mil D149 500 600
Dissapation Factor @ 60 Hz - D150 0.0007 0.0016

Other Properties
  Units ASTM Test EN-265 30% GF
Specific Gravity - D792 1.08 1.23
Water Absorption @ 24 hrs % D570 0.070 0.060

Applications Include:
• Manifolds
• Pump, valve, and fitting applications
• Scientific and analytical instrument components
• Housings
• Covers
• Electrical components

Advantages of Noryluxtm:
• Excellent dimensional stability
• Low moisture absorption
• Good strength and stiffness over a wide range of service temperatures
• Good impact resistance
• High dielectric strength
• Easy to fabricate, paint, and glue
• Excellent flammability rating (UL94 V-1 @ .058” thick)

Manufacturing Capabilities:
Rod: 1/8” to 8” diameter
Sheet: .030” to 6” thick
Film: .005” to .029” thick

Black (standard)
Glass-filled (gray)
(custom colors available)
FDA compliant grades available on a custom basis

*In addition to our standard capabilities, Westlake also has the ability to process custom resins in various sizes and colors with some exceptions.

Noryluxtm is a Trademark of Westlake Plastics Co.


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