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Bullet-resistant fiberglass sheets


Bullet-resistant fiberglass sheets are manufactured to defeat most levels of weaponry as described by UL and NIJ performance standards, including handgun and rifle threat levels.

These sheets, marketed under the LUMAgard trade name, are often used in courthouse and law-enforcement facilities, banks and other money-handling operations, guard booths, armored vehicles, equipment enclosures and many other kinds of installations where protection is needed.


LUMAgard - Hardened enclosures at security checkpoints

Hardened enclosures at security checkpoints

Panels from production are routinely tested to confirm superior performance. Testing is conducted often by nationally-recognized testing laboratories, including Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

UL-listed bullet-resistant sheets are manufactured to ballistic levels defined by Underwriters Laboratories Standard UL 752. Sheets designed to defeat specific threats defined by National Institute of Justice Standard NIJ 0108.01 are also manufactured.

Refer to the Fiberglass Armor Reference Table for more information.

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  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install with standard tools
  • Cost efficient
  • Bullets embed in the laminate, limiting ricochet
  • Non-spalling
  • Excellent multiple-hit capability
  • Bank Teller Counters
  • Gas Stations
  • Convenience Stores
  • Pay Counters
  • Remote Electronic Buildings
  • Secure Rooms & Offices
  • Judges Benches
  • Armored Cars
  • Kiosks
  • Postal Facilities
  • Reception Areas
  • Where personnel and valuables need protection

Reference Table

Fiberglass Structural Armor
Light Weight
Easy to install with standard tools
Cost efficient
Bullets embed in the laminate, limiting ricochet
Excellent multiple-hit capability

Bank Teller Counters   Judges' Benches
Gas Stations Armored Cars
Convenience Stores Kiosks
Pay Counters Postal Facilities
Remote Electronic Buildings Reception Areas
Where personnel and valuables need protection Secure Rooms & Offices
Quick Reference Table
UL Rating Weapon & Ammunition Weight
Velocity (min)
ft per second
Number of shots
AG-1* none* .38 Special RN lead 158 gr 850 5
AG-1.5 Level 1 9mm full metal jacket, lead core 124 gr 1175 3
AG-2 Level 2 .357Magnum jacketed lead soft point 158 gr 1250 3


Level 2 & Level 6 .357 Magnum (as above)
9mm full metal jacket, lead core
158 gr
124 gr
AG-300 Level 3 .44Magnum lead, semi-wadcutter, gas checked 240 gr 1350 3
AG-4 Level 3 & Supplementary shotgun .44 Magnum (as above) 12-gauge rifled lead slug 240 gr
437 gr
AG-475 Level 4 .30caliber rifle lead core soft point 180 gr 2540 1
Level 5 7.62mm rifle full metal jacket, lead core, military ball 150 gr 2750 1
Level 7 5.56mm rifle full metal jacket, lead core 55 gr 3080 5
AG-5 Level 8 7.62mm rifle full metal jacket. lead core, military ball 150 gr 2750 5
LUMAgard Fiberglass Armor is UL Listed for Levels 2,3,4 and 6

*Note that AG-1 bullet-resistant fiberglass sheets meet level 1 of NIJ Standard 0108.01. (There is no corresponding UL level.) The AG-1 material (3/16 nominal thickness) can be curved to a gentle simple radius. Three sheets of the AG-1 material layered together meet requirements of Level 3 of UL 752.



LUMAgard Installing Bullet-Resistant Fiberglass Sheets

LUMAgard bullet-resistant fiberglass sheets are manufactured in three standard sizes: 3' x 8', 4' x 8' and 4' x 10'. Larger sheets may be available in some products, depending on the nature of the requirement.

Install the largest continuous panel that is practical. Joints are ballistically weak. Reinforce butt-joints with 4" strips of the same product either in front of or behind the joint.

Fiberglass armor sheets are ordinarily installed by mechanically fastening the sheets to the side of the supporting structure that the projectile would come from. Fiberglass armor sheets expand slightly upon impact as part of the normal dissipation of energy from incoming projectiles. If sheets are to be installed against a very hard surface (like masonry block or cement board) leave a 1/4 -inch (minimum) gap by shimming the fiberglass sheets.

Finishing materials, sheet rock, wallpaper and decorative laminates bond readily to the surface with standard construction adhesives.

LUMAgard fiberglass armor sheets are readily cut and drilled using tools commonly used to cut and drill metals. Dust generated during cutting and fabricating can be hazardous. Wear eye protection during fabrication. Wear a protective mask if necessary to avoid inhaling dust. The dust may be irritating to the skin. Refer to materials safety data sheet (rev. 9/3/02) for additional necessary safety information.


MIL Specification Armor Composite
Armor Panels can be supplied by American Acrylic Corporation that meet the following Mil-Spec:
MIL - A - 46166 E-Glass Reinforced Armor
MIL - L - 46197 S-Glass Reinforced Armor
MIL - PRF - 62474D Type 1, Class A & B Aramid Reinforced Armor
MIL - L - 64154 Type 1, fiberglass Reinforced Phenolic Armor
Reinforcements Include:

"Kevlar" Fabrics
S-2 Glass Fabrics
E-Glass Fabrics
Nylon Fabrics

Resins Include:


During the last 20 years American Acrylic Corporation has been a major supplier of specialty armor products to the US Army, Navy, Marines and various Law Enforcement Agencies.


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