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Lennite® UHMW-PE
(ultra high molecular weight polyethylene))
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Lennite UHMW-PE is a low friction engineering plastic with excellent chemical resistance and abrasive wear resistance. Lennite is widely used in conveyors, packaging machinery, and food processing machinery since it is inherently low friction, wears well, and is not abrasive to mating parts. Westlake Plastics manufacturers Lennite with extremely low levels of residual stress so that it can be machined into complex parts with minimal deformation. It is often used to line or replace abrasion-resistant steel plate in bulk material handling applications when low friction, corrosion resistance, and excellent wear properties are essential. Natural (white) Lennite is FDA compliant for use in food processing machinery.

The following physical property information is based on typical values of the base ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene resin.

Mechanical Properties
  Units ASTM Test Result
Hardness-Shore D - D2240 D61
Izod Impact Strength Dbl Notched @ 73°F ft•lbs/in D256 18
Tensile Elongation @break % D638 >350.0
Tensile Elongation @yield % D638 -
Tensile Strength @break psi D638 6,00
Tensile Strength @yield psi D638 2,800

Thermal Properties
  Units ASTM Test Result
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion in/in/°F D696 11.0x105
Heat Deflection Temp @66 psi °F D6488 203

Electrical Properties
  Units ASTM Test Result
Dielectric Constant @ 60Hz - D150 2.30
Dielectric Strength kv/cm D149 900
Dissipation Factor @50Hz - D150 0.00019
Dissipation Factor @100Hz - D150 0.00025
Volume Resistivity ohm·cm D257 >1016

Other Properties
  Units ASTM Test Result
Specific Gravity - D792 0.930
Water Absorption @24 hrs % D570 Nil

Applications Include:
• Packaging and food processing machinery components
• Star wheels and guide rails
• Idler sprockets
• Timing screws
• Hopper, chute, truck bed, and railcar liners
• Conveyor components
• Bearings and bushings
• Under-chain wear strips

Advantages of Lennite® UHMW-PE:
• Excellent abrasive wear resistance
• Low friction
• Promotes the flow of bulk material (sand, soy beans, coals, etc.)
• Low moisture absorption
• High impact strength – even at cold temperatures
• Excellent chemical resistance
• FDA and USDA compliant (natural only), 3A Dairy, NSF Standards 51, 61 on specific resins
• Low cost

Manufacturing Capabilities:
Sheet: 1/8” to 6” thick
Tube: 11/8” to 31/2” O.D.

Lennite – FDA compliant (natural)
Lennite II – non-FDA (natural, gray and black)
Custom colors available in both FDA compliant and non-FDA grades.

*In addition to our standard capabilities, Westlake also has the ability to process custom resins in various sizes and colors with some exceptions.

Lennite® is a Registered Trademark of Westlake Plastics Co


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