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For fast set-up and production of plastic parts, especially large parts in quantities from 500 to several thousand, thermoforming is commonly selected over injection molding; tooling costs can be 90 percent lower and parts can be completed two- to three-times more quickly.

Vacuum forming and pressure forming both evacuate the sealed air space between the heated plastic and mold; pressure forming adds air pressure above the heated sheet to achieve a higher quality finish (sharp edges, undercuts, and other close tolerance details).

KYDEX sheet is well established as a premier thermoforming sheet offering numerous processing advantages such as extreme formability, hot tear strength, and the ability to maintain uniform wall thickness.

Typical applications include:

  • Equipment housings, shrouds, enclosures
  • Medical Devices
  • Vents and grilles
  • Interior components of aircraft, mass transit vehicles, trucks, and marine vessels
  • Commercial and institutional furniture and seating components
  • Hidden and exposed parts such as chutes, braces, equipment guards

All conventional thermoforming methods can be used to form parts from KYDEX sheet products: positive-air pressure, drape, plug assist, vacuum snap-back, twin sheet, and billow forming. Because KYDEX sheet is an especially "forgiving" material, simple molds of wood, epoxy, urethane, and aluminum are adequate, allowing for quick part turn-around time. Typically, no pre-drying is required.

KYDEX sheet can be thermoformed at temperatures between 325F and 390F (162C - 198C), realizing significant savings from shorter cycle times.

It also forms to deep draws with low forces when heated to the upper range of 365F to 390F (185C - 198C), and unlike many thermoformable sheets, has unusually high resistance to hot tearing. Crisp detail is achieved and rejects are minimized, while maintaining uniform wall thicknesses.

KYDEX sheet can be formed on all standard presses, and can be joined to itself or to other materials by hot gas welding, hot blade welding, solvent cementing, and mechanical fastening.




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