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King MicroShield®

King Microshield

King MicroShield® is a New Kind of Antimicrobial Protection.

King MicroShield® is a new kind of antimicrobial protection upgrade now available in many of King Plastic Corporation’s polymer sheets, slabs and massive shapes. King MicroShield® helps products stay cleaner between cleanings and inhibits the growth of product-damaging microorganisms, including bacteria, algae and fungi on the surface. Microbe cell walls that come into contact with King MicroShield® are destroyed on contact, without creating opportunities for adaptive or resistant strains to form. Because the antimicrobial agent is bonded at the atomic level throughout the sheet, it will not leach out of the product. This means the agent retains its effectiveness throughout the life of the product and does not harm the environment. It is safe, non-toxic and non-hazardous to ship and handle. The product is EPA-registered and listed with the FDA as a modifier to medical devices. Products made using King Plastic Corporation’s polymers with King MicroShield® are easy to clean, disinfect and keep hygienic using standard cleaning procedures. Constant use of cleaning solutions will not affect any King Plastic polymer produced with King MicroShield®.

Latest technology for protecting the product surface against a broad spectrum of damaging bacteria, algae and fungi by reducing the amount of microbes by 99.99%

Antimicrobial Performance graph


Common Applications: 

  • Medical Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Dental Labs
  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Commercial/Medical Laboratories
  • Clean Rooms
  • Cold Storage
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Veterinary Facilities
  • Animal Science Facilities
  • Rest Rooms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Pool Areas
  • Schools
Standard Sheet Sizes: (in)
48” x 96”

Standard Gauge: (in)
1/4” |  3/8”  | 1/2″  |  3/4”  |  1”  |  1-1/2”

Approximate Weight: (lbs)
40 lbs |    60 lbs |    80 lbs |    120 lbs |    160 lbs | 240 lbs

Standard Sheet Sizes: (mm)
1220mm x 2440mm

Standard Gauges: (mm)
6.4mm | 9.53mm  |  12.7mm  |  19mm  | 25.4mm |38mm

Approximate Weight: (kg)

18kg | 27kg | 36kg | 54.4kg | 72.6kg | 109kg

Tolerance information: Gauges ± 5%, both width and length Plus Only at room temperature.

Custom sheets sizes, gauges, and colors available upon request
King StarBoard® ST is available in an XL version upon request.
Scratch & Mar Resistance: Internal testing method
shows a 295% improvement over non-ST finish.
Chemical Resistance


Comparison Chart

Properties Units ASTM Nominal Values
Density g/cc D1505 .96
Tensile Strength @ Yield p.s.i. D638 >4500
Tensile Modulus p.s.i. D663 318,000
Elongation @ Yield % D638 8.8
Elongation @ Break % D638 >600
Flexural Modulus p.s.i. D790 225,000
Durometer Shore D D2240 69
Tensile Impact ft.lbs./in.2 D1822 115
Vicat Softening ºC D1525 84
Brittleness Temp. ºC D746 <-76
Heat Deflection Temp.
ºC D648 75
Coefficient of Linear
Thermal Expansion
in./in./ºF D696 6×10-5
Flammability Rating UL94 HB

*All values are determined on specimens prepared according for ASTM D4976.
Nominal values should not be interpreted as specifications.
King StarBoard® ST is made entirely from FDA and USDA approved materials.
King StarBoard ST w/MicroShield Physical Properties  | King StarBoard ST MSDS





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