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IntePro® Packaging Material

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IntePro® Packaging Material    

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  Since IntePro® is strong, stackable, and moisture-resistant, it is a versatile product with a variety of applications for the packaging industry.

The Smart Choice to corrugated paper products, wood, and solid plastic sheets. IntePro® packaging materials expand your ability to customize your applications and provide the next generation of packaging.

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 Automotive Industry      
  IntePro® is used for automotive applications such as a laminated carpet truck liners, baffles between the truck and back seat liners. The material can also be used in the recreational vehicle, mobile homes and Medical vehicles, etc.
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight

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IntePro® has developed one of the strongest light weight substrates available in the industry for home protection in the event of hurricane. IntePro® 16mm corrugated polypropylene successfully passed and is compliant with ASTM E1996 (Standard Specification for Performance of Exterior Windows, Curtain Walls, Doors and Impact Protective Systems Impacted by Wind Borne Debris in Hurricanes). Results show a Wind Zone 4 missile impact resistance and negative wind load resistance of 105-psf.

IntePro® 16mm comes in 48”x48”; 48”x96”; 48”x108”; 96”x108”. Custom Sizes upon request. This is truly the preferred substrate to replace plywood, OSB and other storm window protection products. IntePro® 16mm WILL reduce and help prevent damage caused by hurricane force winds.


Attributes of IntePro® Fluted Include:

  • Light weight, Easily Cut With Utility Knife Or Die Cut
  • High Quality Printing Surface
  • Higher Output, Lower Ink Consumption When Printing
  • Chemical And Water Resistant
  • Corona Treated
  • Inexpensive Multi Usage Material

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IntePro® can be converted by a variety or methods, including die cutting, scoring and ultrasonic welding. It is corona treated and is therefore receptive to adhesives, vinyl lettering and flexographic /screen printing. It can be thermoformed and heat sealed to meet special requirements

IntePro® can be recycled. It offers a timely alternative to traditional corrugated paper products.

Compared with the regular fluted products, our innovative IntePro® S- flute board is a much stronger material due to its unique wavy “S” Patten. It will provide the additional tear strength for converting applications. It is a strong sheet, produced without increased unit weight.

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IntePro® can also be laminated counter tops for luxury boats and RV wall linings offers practical, lightweight elegance.

IntePro® for pool linings offers a practical and cost efficient alternative to heavier products.
IntePro® can be laminated with a variety of different substrates such as metal, wood and other plastics. The sheets can be used for architectural exterior walls, ceiling panels in the building, marine and automotive industries.


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 Produce Packaging      
IntePro® the idea product for agricultural packing and shelter.
  • Fruit and Vegetable Boxes
  • Picking Totes
  • Seafood Boxes
  • General Farm Shelters
  • Light Weight, Easily Cut With Utility Knife Or Die Cut
  • Superior Printing Surface
  • Higher Output, Lower Ink Consumption When Printing
  • Chemical And Water Resistant
  • Corona Treated
  • Inexpensive Multi Usage Material


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 Material Handling      
IntePro® can be used for dividers for bricks and other bulky industrial uses to separate large items such as layering stretch film rolls. Other applications are for cultured and veneer stones converted boxes.


Roll Up Material
IntePro Roll-Up material is the ideal material to replace the traditional wood lagging to protect wire and cable reels. It is also been used as underlayment in Recreational Vehicals or Motor Homes.

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