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dasherboard, dasher board, hockey, arena, soccer, ice rink, hockey rink, roller arena, roller rink, roller hockey
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Let's Build An Arena:
Are you planning to build a Roller Hockey or Arena Soccer facility?
If so, RMF Arena Systems is your answer. We design and build state-of-the-art arenas with the athletes in mind. Our proven track record of success speaks for itself:
* Magdalena Ecke YMCA, Encinitas, CA
* Palomar YMCA, Escondido, CA
* City of Escondido
* City of Indio
* Seattle YMCA
* Bakersfield Soccer Club

RMF will work with you to design the best possible facility for your needs. We realize that each facility will be unique in its design and construction. We specialize in building arenas to fit your budget and the space available.

Solid Construction

RMF Dasherboard Systems are constructed with natural white, high density Polyethylene in ¾” or 1” thickness for solid durability. UV stabilized dasherboards are used in outdoor applications to resist ultraviolet damage.


Key components and parts are fabricated at our shop and shipped directly to your site to reduce installation time and assure lasting quality. RMF Dasherboards are supported by tough galvanized posts for maximum strength. All hardware and attached systems are either galvanized or zinc coated for long life and corrosion protection. Dasherboards are available in various heights for custom applications. High density polyethylene ¾” top cap finishes off the top of the dasherboards. 6” or 8” colored toe kick plates are also available.


Quality Components

The unique RMF attachment system secures dasherboards to posts while allowing for the natural expansion and contraction of the Polyethylene boards. Self locking nuts on hardware insures proper tension and require no future adjustments. Our bolt down systems provides easy installation on any existing concrete slab, indoor or outdoor.


Players and penalty gates are constructed with the steel bottom step for long life. Service gates open clear to the floor for easy arena maintenance. Gate latches are steel construction, galvanized coated, and self-closing.


Safe spectator Viewing

Our hard coat clear Acrylic Panel System resists marring and scratching with a 3M abrasion resistant coating. These clear panels are tested and code approved for safety. The Acrylic panel System can withstand many times the impact strangle of glass at half the weight. Used in various NHL arenas, these clear acrylic panels have proven their quality for safety, viewing and protection.Netting systems includes treated and UV stabilized nets for outdoor use and extended life. Nets are custom designed and installed for your specific needs. RMF also offers clear transparent Monofilament Netting.


Recessed Chain Link System

Our new recessed chain link upper containment system provides superior strength and safety. This design offers excellent cost savings compared to similar systems because there is no need for extensive pipe framing like standard fencing. The four inch recessed chain link provides a safe distance from the face of the dasherboard to the fencing. Heavy 9 gauge galvanized chain link is standard with this system for long lasting durability. Also, vinyl coated chain link is available. Spectators do not have to look through heavy framework and players do not have to deal with the typical bottom, middle and top railing. For additional containment, netting can be attached above the chain link system. Various heights of chain link are available to suit your specific needs



RMF can turn a rarely used tennis or basketball court into an inline hockey or soccer arena using the same state-or-the-art materials. Conversions can accommodate many different sports to maximize their use. We can create a multi-purpose arena that can be used for soccer, hockey and other arena sports such as field hockey, arena football and indoor lacrosse. Your facility can also be adapted to accommodate volleyball, basketball and much more. Our goal insert system allows for easy changeover from soccer to hockey by closing off the soccer goal box with the same high quality materials used in the dasherboards. RMF now offers conversions and retrofitting of Indoor skating rinks. Adding inline hockey dasherboards can increase revenue through additional programs. RMF can design a complete custom fit dasherboard system to fit your existing facility. Large opening gates and removable panels help maintain open access for your open skating sessions and special events. Dasherboards can be fitted with finished back side panels for a clean smooth exterior appearance.


All The Extras:
RMF can provide you with every component of your arena project. * Scoreboards * Artificial Turf * Roller Hockey Surfaces * Netting & Goals * Program Design & Budget Consulting

Please call us for additional information.


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