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Maximum Sanitation Protection

  • Not all fiberglass liner panels are created equal. There are important design and quality differences from one manufacturer to another, differences that can have a major impact on the performance and service life of the final installation. At Glasteel, we use state-of-the-art technology, strict quality control procedures and the highest level of technical expertise to produce the finest fiberglass wall and ceiling liner panels available. Our advanced liner panel systems are designed to offer maximum sanitation protection and significant cost savings over other materials.


Excellent Quality

  • Glasteel liner panels are designed to fit any commercial application where superior sanitation protection is required. Glasteel's exclusive manufacturing process uses a special type of high strength polyester resin to produce liner panels offering superior quality and durability. This unique manufacturing technique allows our special resin formulation to flow freely over and around the fine glass fibers enabling greater glass-to-resin contact. The result is a liner panel with a resin rich surface that is tough, strong and easy to clean with simple maintenance procedures. Developed specifically for the food industry, Glasteel liner panels can help make any area meet today's high sanitation standards. Glasteel wall liner panels are USDA approved.


Outstanding Cleanability

  • Glasteel liner panels are extremely resistant to moisture and easily cleaned with regular detergents and water. With proper installation, Glasteel panels can make a water resistant installation that will protect underlying walls and insulation.


Improved Chemical Resistance

  • The unique resin-rich, tough, resilient surface of Glasteel liner panels helps solve a multitude of sanitation problems. They have been tested against a wide range of chemicals and were found to be highly resistant to mild acids, alkalies, and most common solvents. The advanced construction of Glasteel liner panels makes them highly resistant to most stains, in addition to making them rustproof and mildew resistant. For more information regarding Glasteel liner panels and specific chemical resistant properties, please check with our Technical Service Department.




Low Cost Installation

  • Glasteel liner panels install easily for professional results every time. They are easy to handle and install in any type of construction and over any type of existing wall surface. The wide range of available sizes and thicknesses makes Glasteel liner panels especially usable as a finish liner over rigid insulation, plywood, sheetrock, or particle board and are much more economical than stainless steel or ceramic tile. No special tools are needed to install Glasteel liner panels. They can be easily cut with either a circular or saber saw, and drilled with an electric drill. By using the appropriate molding and a proper adhesive and sealant, a water-resistant installation can be made.

Special "Bondable-Back" For Increased Adhesion

  • Glasteel liner panels are manufactured with a special "bondable back" feature. This feature enables better adhesion qualities by providing a superior bond to the underlying material. Glasteel's unique bondable-back also offers the extra advantage of helping cut installation costs by saving both time and labor.


Superior Flexibility

  • A superior installation can be achieved with Glasteel liner panels because our exclusive resin formulation allows the panels to be just flexible enough to lay flat. This special quality enables Glasteel liner panels to fit better into areas with close tolerance seams and helps simplify installation procedures.


Highly Impact Resistant
  • Glasteel liner panels have an extremely high strength to weight ratio with a tough surface that resists dents, scratches and abrasion. Glasteel's exclusive flexible resin formulation creates a resilient liner panel that will bounce back from impact for increased performance throughout its service life. Glasteel liner panel's tough, durable nature will also help protect walls by withstanding abuse from pallets, sliding boxes, handtruck and forklift damage.

Custom Designed Liner Panels

  • Glasteel liner panels are available in 3 different standard panel thicknesses (0.060, 0.090, 0.125) and are shipped in standard 4 foot widths and in 8, 9, 10 and 12 foot lengths. Glasteel also manufactures liner panel in rolls. If you have a special or unusual area you want to cover, we can handle your order on an individual basis and provide specialized service for your added convenience.





Free Technical Assistance

  • Glasteel representatives are experts at making practically any area meet today's high sanitation standards. They have the technical skill to help you select the exact grade of liner panel that's best for your particular application. They will work with your engineers or installation people to help them give your job maximum sanitation capabilities for less cost.


General Information

  • This product conforms to ASTM D-3841-86 Standard Specification for Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Panels.

Wall Panel Tech Bulletin

Storage Recommendations

  • Store panels indoors in a cool, dry, well ventilated area. Panels should be stacked on skids not more than 3 skids high. Do not allow moisture to collect on or in-between panels. Do not stack anything on top of panels.


Two Popular Surface Finishes

  • Glasteel liner panels are manufactured in a variety of distinctive styles and colors. In addition, Glasteel offers two popular surface finishes to fit most any application requirement. Both the traditional pebbled finish or smooth finish liner panel surfaces will assure easy maintenance and a sparkling look of cleanliness for long lasting service.


Greater Color Selections

  • All Glasteel liner panels are available in a complete range of designer selected colors, starting with our standard sanitary white and colonial white shades that contain a special selection of white pigments that retain a bright, clean look, to our newest warm color choices. And with Glasteel liner panels, the color is compounded into the resin before curing, thus making the color an integral part of the panel for maximum color retention. Glasteel liner panels can also be custom colored to match or complement a particular color scheme.


Color-Matched Accessories

  1. Divider (1 piece)-For joining two sections of panels on the same wall. (Available in all colors)
  2. Deluxe Divider (2 pieces)-For joining two sections of panel on the same wall. (Available only in #659 White)
  3. Outside Corner-For sealing outside corners. (Available in all colors)
  4. Inside Corner Molding-For sealing inside corners. (Available in all colors)
  5. End Cap-For finishing wall at wainscot or ceiling height or finishing panel-to-baseboard junctions. (Available in all colors)
  6. Rivets available in all colors.



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