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Smooth Plastic Sheets for Ice Rinks

City council and local authority managers have to take energy efficiency into account in almost all of their decision making these days. This is particularly true of municipal leisure facilities, which include year-round ice rinks for leisure or training purposes. While ice rinks increase the popularity of a city, they do consume a great deal of energy. Ice rink surfaces made of SIMONA Eco-Ice ultra-smooth plastic sheeting offer significant potential for savings on energy and operating costs.

Ice hockey players on a permanently installed ice rink made out of SIMONA Eco-Ice

Sustainable cost and energy savings
Unlike conventional ice rinks, facilities constructed with SIMONA Eco-Ice require no refrigeration systems or cooling fluids and no ice machines to produce ice. Conventional skates glide directly over the interlocked plastic panels. In fact, the smoothness of SIMONA Eco-Ice is virtually identical to that of freshly cleaned artificial ice. With SIMONA Eco-Ice you also make a contribution to environmental protection, thanks to the inherent energy savings.

Universal applicability
SIMONA Eco-Ice plastic sheets are suitable for interior use and, with UV stabilization (which comes with a ten-year guarantee), are also suitable for year-round outdoor use. Whether it be for ice skating or ice hockey, ice rinks in leisure parks and hotels or for special events and festivities such as Christmas markets ice rinks made out of SIMONA Eco-Ice are already in use in many different places.

Mobile Ice Rink

SIMONA Eco-Ice comes in the following types of polyethylene: PE-HD (heat-resistant), PE-HMW (high-molecular-weight) and PE-UHMW (ultra-high-molecular-weight). Its high durability makes SIMONA Eco-Ice largely maintenance-free and long-lasting, with consistently good glide properties. Under normal circumstances, plastic ice rinks can be skated on for up to ten years without becoming brittle or scuffed. All it takes to keep them performing well is cleaning every ten days or so with an industrial vacuum cleaner or high-pressure hose.

SIMONA Eco-Ice is excellent to work with and extremely versatile. The sheets can be laid by means of the tongue-and-groove method to form an absolutely smooth surface.




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