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Color Target

Pick a Color, Any Color

Wondering what color your next promotional piece should be? The psychology of color is not an exact science: however, here's what the researchers tell us about certain colors:

Red -- Emotionally charged color that gets the adrenaline pumping. First color responded to by infants. Women are attracted to blue-based red while men prefer yellow-based red. It takes the human eye longer to process red than any other color.

Blue -- An American favorite. It encourages fantasy. Also has a calming effect, causing the brain to secrete tranquilizing hormones.

Green -- Makes people feel comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings -- good for selling new products or services. Avoid institutional green as many of us have a learned prejudice against that shade.

Yellow -- An attention-getter because it is "read" by the eye faster than any other color. However, yellow is processed on the same side of the brain that makes people angry.

Orange -- Called a "declassifier" because it helps people adapt to other colors. For example, orange and blue are a good combination to sell detergent because together the two tones give the impression of greater strength.

Gray -- Gives a stamp of exclusivity. It's also the color "around which creative people are most creative".

White -- Indicates sophistication. refinement and delicacy -- perfect to attract the upscale crowd.

Black -- The ultimate power color, but it has limitations in making promotional material appealing to the eye.